A Home for Dreams: Unveiling a Vibrant Arts Center

Help Us Build a Dream: Transforming Spaces for Arts Harmony
Once upon a time in the heart of northern Nevada, Sierra Nevada Ballet (SNB) embarked on an enchanting journey to redefine the artistic experience for our community. Founded in 2001, SNB dreams of creating a new home that will house not just dance studios but a collaborative arts hub for all to cherish.
In partnership with Steinway Piano Gallery and Music SchoolSierra School of Performing ArtsSilver State Storytellers, Dr. Jayson Weir, Dance PT Carri Cameron, and local visual artists, SNB envisions an arts center where ballet, theater, filmmaking, writing, visual arts, and music come together under one roof.

This visionary collaboration aims to create an immersive experience for families and students, offering them the opportunity to explore various art forms in a dynamic, centralized location. No longer scattered, the community can now “Listen, Learn, Dance, Perform, Laugh, Cry, Create, and Gather Together” at 500 E. Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89502.
However, to make this dream a reality, we need your support. We are seeking to raise $50,000 for essential renovations to the new space. These funds will be used for crucial improvements, including upgraded bathrooms, new dressing rooms, flooring throughout the space (including sprung floors for the ballet studios), mirrors, and other construction costs.
Architect George Ghusn has joined hands with SNB to craft beautiful, large studios, and the renovations have been set in motion. The studios are scheduled to be completed soon, with offices and additional studios to follow.

This transformative journey began with Lamis Pritchard, owner and director of Steinway Gallery in Reno, whose dream of collaborating with fine arts organizations is finally becoming a reality. Sierra School of Performing Arts, led by Janet Lazarus, is equally thrilled to be a part of this partnership, expressing excitement about being together in one inspiring place. The dream extends to Lyric Burt and Taylor Wilson, founders of Silver State Storytellers, who envision an arts and culture hub dedicated to enriching northern Nevada’s writers and filmmakers. They eagerly look forward to moving to this new, inspiring location, symbolizing their collective commitment to fostering creativity, community, and the vibrant cultural tapestry of the region.

As the lobby takes shape, SNB plans to invite local visual artists to exhibit and sell their work, further enriching the collaborative spirit of the new art hub. The Northern Nevada Performing Arts Collective (NNPAC), with its dream of expanding the property with a theater space, promises a stage for dance, theater, music, and film presentations throughout the year.
The grand opening celebration, scheduled for May 2024, will be a testament to the collective dreams, passions, and commitments of everyone involved. Sierra Nevada Ballet invites the community to be a part of this incredible arts journey, to listen to the melodies, watch the dance, and witness the magic unfold in 2024. Together, let’s build not just a home but a sanctuary for dreams to flourish. Donate now and be a part of the transformative magic!